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  • SensaCalm therapeutic weighted blankets have tamed tempers, soothed the sleepless, and provided that deep pressure that many with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder crave.
  • Custom made to be therapeutic in size and weight. We provide minimum weight guidelines, and you can add more weight for those "super" sensory seekers. Weight is evenly distributed across the blanket so you feel the same deep pressure no matter what part of the blanket is touching you.Blankets cover the top of the bed only, and should be sized to fit the body, and not the bed.A weighted blanket that is too large will slide off the bed all night and be heavy to pull back up.
  • Safe, Non-toxic, Hypo-allergenic Poly Pellets for weight, Hypoallergenic fiberfill for a soft pillow-like feel Quality 100% cotton fabrics, and the sewing is done by experienced,_professional seamstresses_that take pride in their work and love knowing that every item is very special to someone.
  • Our weighted items are completely WASHABLE and DRYABLE.
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Product Description

Weighted blankets are made to fit the BODY and not the BED. SMALL WEIGHTED BLANKET Approximately 34″ x 50″* in size. They are designed to fit inside a standard crib / toddler bed without hanging over the edge. MEDIUM WEIGHTED BLANKET Approximately 38″ x 62″* in size. Sized for Children, Teens, and Smaller Adults. Over 5’3″ should go with Adult Length. ADULT-LENGTH WEIGHTED BLANKET Approximately 38″ x 72″* in size. The most economical choice for an adult. Covers the top of a twin bed without hanging over the sides.

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