Product Features

  • Weighted blanket great gift for Autism & Anxiety - Great for Sensory Processing Disorder, it's not only a blanket but also more like a comforter, helps you and your children to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
  • Size: 48"x72", Weight: 15lb. The proper size of blanket for everybady is determined by taking 10%-15% of the one's weight plus an additional one pound. So this 15lbs Weighted Blanket suit for 110-140lbs individual.
  • The inner weighted layer is made of 100% cotton and its compartments are filled with hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, odorless plastic poly pellets for weight.
  • THE WEIGHTED INNER ONLY: The weighted inner layer and the duvet cover are sold separately. This price is just for weighted inner, you can put it to your duvet cover.
  • The inner weighted blankets require a dry cleaner to get them clean. But it's not a easy thing, so we suggest you use it with a duvet cover, then you can just take the cover off for a quick wash and dry. The inside weighted section is also able to be washed at home.
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Product Description

weighted blanket
By placing gentle pressure on the child,the blankets help release melation and serotonin,allowing you or your kids to feel safe and secure.

The proper size of blanket for everybady is determined by taking 10%-15% of the one’s weight plus an additional one pound.The blanket is perfect for calming down people with special needs by putting gentle pressure on their nerve system, creating a sense of security just like a warm and powerful hug.

Recommended weight for a weighted blanket is 10%-15% of the Body Weight plus 1 pound.
Weighted Blankets should never go past the shoulders, and should never cover the head.
Check with the child’s therapist or doctor to advise on use and type of weighted product before purchasing.

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